CSNE Summer Research Symposium

1414 NE 42nd Street
Suite 204
Seattle, WA 98105
Wednesday, August 15, 2018, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. PDT

CSNE Summer Research Symposium

Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) undergraduate researchers and summer program participants will present their work at the 2018 CSNE Summer Research Symposium on Wednesday, August 15. The symposium will start with short talks (9am-Noon), followed by a poster session (1-3pm). Open to the public. For more information, email Eric Chudler at chudler@uw.edu.

Event type: Generic UW Event
Campus room: Russell Building, 2nd floor, Suite 204
Event types: Academics, Exhibits, Special Events, Student Activities
Event sponsors: Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering

Event Date: 

2018/08/15 (Wed)