Advisory Boards

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board consists of leaders in neural engineering and computational neuroscience. Board members review scientific and technical progress, advise the Center on current developments in the field, assist Center leadership with strategic directions for device development, and annually review progress toward goals and deliverables.

• Jose Carmena, chair (University of California, Berkeley)
• Paul Ford (Cleveland Clinic)
• Ranu Jung (Florida International University)
• Vivian Mushahwar (University of Alberta)
• P. Hunter Peckham (Case Western University)
• Krishna Shenoy (Stanford University)
• Francisco Valero-Cuevas (University of Southern California)
• Jon Wolpaw (The Wadsworth Center, New York State Dept. of Health)

Industry Advisory Board

This group consists of representatives from venture capital, startups, industry partners and university Intellectual Property representatives. Board members assist the Center in translating device and system development to the marketplace, advise Center leadership on needs and limitations in the industrial sector, and provide financial guidance and real-world feasibility analyses of product development.

• Heather Dunn, IAB Chair (Cirtec Medical Systems)
• Tim Denison, former IAB chair (Medtronic)
• Kurt Amundson (Ekso Bionics)
• Michael Ballas (Epoch Medical Innovations)
• Chris Berka (Advanced Brain Monitoring) 
• Beth Etscheid (Washington Research Foundation)
• Sandy Heck (Reach Bionics)
• Karthik Ranjan (ARM)
• Kian Torab (Blackrock Microsystems)
• Andy Kelley (Cactus Semiconductor)
• Tahl Holtzman (Cambridge NeuroTech)
• John Alleman (Cerevast)
• Bryan Johnson (Kernel)
• Justin Kinney (Leaf Labs)
• Jason Begaund (LivaNova)
• Anand Raman (Microsoft)
• Brian Mogen (Multimodal Health)
• Nick Terrafranca (NeuroRecovery Technologies)
• Connor Russomanno (OpenBCI)
• Mak Agashe (Pramak)
• Sandy Heck (Reach Bionics)
• Tim Blanche (WhiteMatter)
• Josh Smith (WiBotic)

Practitioner and End User Advisory Board

This group consists of clinicians working with people with disabilities, including neurological disorders, and people recovering from stroke or with a spinal cord injury. The board advises the Center on real-world practical aspects of device development and system needs of the practitioner community. The board also facilitates communication between researchers and people with disabilities.

• Jodie Haselkorn, chair (VA Puget Sound and UW Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine)
• Claire Creutzfeldt, neurologist (University of Washington)
• Mike Elliott, neurologist (Virginia Mason Medical Center)
• Aditya Ganapathiraju (University of Washington)
• Mickey Gendler, person with spinal cord injury (Law Offices of Gendler & Mann)
• Julie Ann Grant
• Bruce Hanson
• Dennis Lang (UW Disability Studies Program)
• David Newell, neurosurgeon (Swedish Medical Center)
• Maria Reyes, physician (VA of Puget Sound Hospital)
• Jared Olson, physician (University of Colorado Hospital)

Council of Deans

Consisting of deans for all contributing programs, this group ensures that faculty members and students have appropriate support, communicates Center goals and outcomes to higher level administration, and assists in long-term, sustainable planning for development activities, faculty and student recruitment, and infrastructure.

• Michael Bragg (Chair; UW, Dean, College of Engineering)
• Morteza Mehrabadi (SDSU, Dean, College of Engineering)
• John Slattery (UW, Vice Dean for Research & Graduate Education, School of Medicine)
• Werner Stuetzle (UW, Divisional Dean of Natural Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences)
• Ian Waitz (MIT, Dean, College of Engineering)

Multi-University Collaborative Board

The Multi-University Collaborative Board consists of representatives from each of the Center's domestic and international partner institutions. These individuals provide the CSNE with guidance to strengthen inter-institutional research, industrial and educational projects and programs.

• Wolfram Burgard (University of Freiburg)
• Valerie Haftel (Morehouse College)
• Judy Illes (University of British Columbia)
• Sam Kassegne (San Diego State University)
• Rajesh Rao (University of Washington)
• Joel Voldman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Student Leadership Council

This group plays a key role in providing feedback on the efficacy of the Center’s educational mission. Its leaders contribute ideas to shape educational goals, serve as advisors and mentors in coordinating student rotations among the labs for summer programs and take an active role in Center outreach efforts. The Student Leadership Council also recruits students to serve as ambassadors of the program to affiliate institutions (such as Morehouse, Spelman and Southwestern Colleges).

Officers at the University of Washington include:

• President:  Jenny Cronin
• Vice President:  Katherine Pratt
• Executive Assistant:  Tim Brown
• Undergraduate Representatives:  Samantha Sun, Katie Ly, Ben Pedigo, Hannah Martens
• Hackathon Coordinator:  James Wu
• Industry Liaison:  Maggie Thompson
• Outreach Coordinator:  Kaitlyn Casimo
• Seminar Coordinator:  David Caldwell

Officers at San Diego State University include:

• President:  Brinda Kodira Cariappa
• Vice President:  Abhivyakti Gautam

Officers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology include:

• Marion Boulicault